WiFi Guide

This WIFI guide will instruct and help you to connect your tablets, laptops and Smartphones to the college Wi-Fi network.

Start by connecting to the WI-FI network called ellesmereWlan.

Once the connection to ellesmereWlan is made you will then be redirected to a log in page.

Login in with your college username and password, if you are a new user to the college you must log into a college machine first and change your password. Then you will be able to log in.

Once you have successfully logged in you will then be redirected to our SSL certificate page.

IMPORTANT! - To reduce errors connecting to secure websites please install the SSL Certificate shown on this page. You will only need to do this the first time you connect to our wifi network.

There is no longer any requirements for proxy settings to be entered in any of your devices. If you are a returning student having issues please delete / forget the ellesmereWlan Connection and reconnection with out proxy settings.

If you are still having issues please ask your House Master or House Mother to connect the IT department on your behalf.

If you do not have a college username or password

Please contact the IT Team on